Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mutillidae version 2.3.7 is out

A few days ago an update "Mutillidae" version 2.3.7 (Samurai 2.0 Version) was released. Mutillidae is a free, open source web application provided to allow security enthusiest to pen-test and hack a web application. Mutillidae can be installed on Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 7 using XAMMP making it easy for users who do not want to install or administrate their own webserver.

If you would like to get your  website hacking practice in this is the app to do it with.
Vulnerabilities include

  1. cross-site scripting
  2. sql injection
  3. response-splitting 
  4. html injection 
  5. javascript injection 
  6. clickjacking
  7. cross frame scripting
  8. forms-caching
  9. authentication bypass

Mutillidae has been tested/attacked with Cenzic Hailstorm ARC, W3AF, SQLMAP, Samurai WTF, Backtrack, HP Web Inspect, Burp-Suite, NetSparker Community Edition, and others.

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